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I want to share some exciting news about the Medical Director at Abbott House

I want to share some exciting news about the Medical Director at Abbott House.

We have been so blessed to have Steve Best, MD join our Abbott House team. Dr. Best is a Neuropsychiatrist and is an expert at treating what he calls “treatment-resistant neuropsychiatric illnesses. With those words, Dr. Best is referring to mental illness and health conditions that have not been successfully treated by other physicians or professionals.

He has spent his career researching, practicing and treating challenging patients with proven success.

Most doctors focus on a patient’s complaint, as opposed to the “bigger picture” of the contributing factors. The philosophy at the Neuroscience Center views complex illness as multi-faceted and so they take a multi-pronged approach to evaluation in order to provide a successful personalized treatment plan.

The Neuroscience Center experts look at multiple factors/conditions throughout your life in the evaluation stage, some examples include:

· Concussion

· Substance abuse

· Sleep disorder

· Epilepsy & other conditions with an abnormal EEG

· Medications

· Autoimmune issues

· Nutrition & metabolism

· Gastrointestinal issues

· Learning disability

· Childhood ADHD/sensory issues

· Tick-borne illness

· Environmental

· Obesity

· Personality factors

The thorough evaluation is performed over a period of a few weeks and requires the following:

An in-office evaluation of functional (diagnostic) evaluations using:

· Brain SPECT Imaging and EEG

· Nutritional testing.

Each treatment plan is individualized for your needs and may include a combination of the following:

· Medications & supplements

· Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

· Brain stimulation with procedures like rTMS/tDCS/ketamine infusion

· Perispinal injection of etanercept (anti-inflammatory) for pain.

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