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The Activity Director is responsible for planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating a well-balanced and diversified therapeutic recreation program. The program needs to be broad enough to meet the varying needs of the resident population, especially with regard to age, physical and mental deficits and interests. The Director will assess each resident (with the assistance of Department staff) and complete the appropriate MDS sections and RAP reviews.

  1. Provide residents with special individual needs program and project opportunities consistent with their strengths and lifestyle.
  2. Create a balance of small and large groups, as well as special floor programming when required.
  3. Plan an activity program to coordinate and cooperate with other departments to assure communication between all IDT members. This will strengthen interventions and coordinate objectives.
  4. Attend all department head meetings, resident care conferences and additional meetings, as required.
  5. Confer with the Administrator regarding policy, staff supervision and other departmental issues.
  6. Provide in-service training and special resources to the Activity Assistants and/or Volunteers related to issues effecting the resident population. Information will also be communicated to the staff from the consultant or educational seminars through this means.
  7. Review upcoming seminar information and recommend participation based on benefit to the facility residents.
  8. Be responsible for the hiring, training, supervision and evaluation of program staff.
  9. Be responsible for recruiting, training, utilizing and evaluating volunteers (including opportunities to say “Thanks” and recognize their meaningful contributions).
  10. Be responsible for the planning and operation of the Resident Council Meetings, as needed and requested by the executive officers.
  11. Teach staff proper documentation procedures and review Department progress notes and make appropriate recommendations, when necessary.
  12. Observe programs led by staff and provide instruction on program improvement.
  13. Respect, promote and enforce resident rights issues.
  14. Plan, organize and complete (with staff assistance) the monthly activity calendar of events.
  15. Plan special activity service projects, especially those involving the welfare of the immediate community.
  16. Evaluate the on-going, structured program, including forms and chart documentation and make (or recommend) necessary changes to assure that the needs of the resident population are continuously addressed.
  17. Be responsible for program leadership in conjunction with the Activity Assistants.
  18. Participate in the facility’s on-going quality assessment and assurance committee, including Department-specific QA studies, as requested.
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