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Mental Healthcare Professional

JOB DESCRIPTION: Mental Health Professional (MHP)


SUPERVISORíS TITLE: LPHA and Executive Director                                                                       

WORK SCHEDULE: Monday through Friday, 8 hours per shift, i.e. 8:00am-4:00pm, 9:00am-5:00pm, 10:00am-6:00pm, occasional weekends and holidays.


The MHP has an eight-hour responsibility, authority, and accountability for the supervision of the coordination of care for persons served as well acts as a liaison between person served, family, service professionals and other related parties. This includes but is not limited to coordinates of services, to whom the resident primarily relates for the coordination of services, programs, oversight of data collection and review of resident performance.


1.      Acclimate new person served to the facility.

2.      Provide person served with a stable therapeutic relationship.

3.      Assess person served needs through a comprehensive psychosocial assessment and create discharge plan.

4.      Utilize evidence-based interventions.

5.      Establish measurable goals in collaboration with person served.

6.      Provide and coordinate with the Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT) in the delivery of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Service Programs.

7.      Inform appropriate Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT) members of any significant change in the condition of person served.

8.      Monitor the person served in areas of self-directed care and overall compliance with the individualized treatment plan.

9.      In coordination with the Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT), the MHP will provide support and input regarding any person served involved in the self-medication administration program.

10.  Ongoing charting is reflective of responses to treatment, new treatment and attendances to treatment programing of person served.

11.  Ensure that a complete comprehensive reassessment is conducted in timely manner

12.  Participate in quarterly Care Plan Meetings for person served.

13.  Provide a tour of the facility for interested parties.

14.  Provide answers for admissions phone inquiries.

15.  Apply for ABE (Application for Benefits Eligibility) on the first day of admission.

16.  Apply for Social Security Disability, including collection and organization all appropriate documentation, apply for Medicare, Medicaid, Public Aid and choose Managed Care Organization. Follow-up on all service applications for person served.

17.  Complete admission packet and contract with person served within 7 days.

18.  Assess needs of person served regarding outside counseling, i.e. AA, counselor, IOP, and connect with appropriate providers.

19.  Conduct discharge interview and assessment and provide appropriate community linkage and referrals.

20.  Assist person served with job application and interviewing skills if applicable.

21.  Conduct occasional room searches of person served and assist person served with decluttering/ organization of belongings and appropriate seasonal clothing.

22.  Create appropriate behavioral contracts for assistance with safety and rule compliance for person served, including treatment plan goals.

23.  Create behavior modification contracts for person served interested in management of things such as money and cigarettes.

24.  Lead and create modules for therapeutic groups.

25.  Communication conducted through the Communication Log, email and phone calls.

26.  Documentation must be completed in a timely manner according to each specific policy of Abbott House, HIPPA, SMHRF, CARF and any other overseeing regulatory organizations.

27.  Connect person served with transportation resources as appropriate (i.e. apply for free/reduced ride cards, educate about obtaining cab coupons, utilizing senior connector bus, assist with use of public transportation, including how to read schedules where to find schedules/stops/stations, etc.)

28.  Partner with person served to provide individualized, strengths-based treatment (e.g. assess readiness for change, assess skills and abilities of person served and determine how to utilize these strengths in treatment).

29.  Collaborate with outside providers to ensure high-quality continuity of care during stay at AH and upon discharge, if applicable.

30.  Provide resources/education to families/other support systems to promote recovery in all relevant systems and obtain and maintain necessary ROIs

31.  Facilitate conflict resolution meetings as appropriate to minimize negative impacts of unhealthy relationships, and promote healthy boundaries suitable for recovery practices

32.  Empower residents to be active members of their treatment teams and utilize available resources as needed

33.  Report and properly document all ideation, expression and instance of aggression, self-harm, SI, HI, etc. to appropriate IDT members to ensure safety of those served, staff, etc.

34.  Provide one on one support as needed (model appropriate behavior and communication skills, partner to problem solve, encourage participation in treatment planning and interventions, discuss and develop coping skills, and help person served learn to recognize triggers, etc.).



1.      The MHP shall meet the definition of this job title in 59 Ill. Adm. Code 132.

2.      The MHP shall complete training as prescribed by DHS-DMH on mental illness, mental health services, psychiatric rehabilitation, State mental health administrative rules, and the mental health service system prior to assuming the duties of this position.

3.      Individuals who have successfully completed training on the specific topics and training hours prescribed in subsection (j)(2) within the past five years may use this training to meet the requirements of this subsection (j). The facility shall document this training in the employee's personnel file.

4.      The MHP also shall complete additional training annually as prescribed by DHS-DMH.

5.      Bachelorís Degree in Counseling, Social Work or Psychology.



1.      Regularly walk, stand or stoop; occasionally lift, carry, push, pull or otherwise move objects or people at a minimum of 25 pounds.

2.      Working Conditions: Work is performed in an office, nursing station, utility room and throughout the facility; Work exposes employee to contagious or infectious diseases.

3.      Work may expose employee to dangerous and volatile situations; which could result in bodily injury.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed in an office or other environmentally controlled room. Working environment may expose nurse to contagious or infectious diseases; Work may expose incumbent to dangerous and volatile situations, which could result in bodily injury.



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