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Welcome to Abbott House

he purpose of this information is to provide you with an effective orientation guide to use during your stay at Abbott House. We would like you to become familiar with our home policies and procedures and the many services we provide.

Any questions you have should be directed to the staff. We know that you would like to be as independent and do as much for yourself as possible, but do remember, there are always friends and staff here to assist you at any hour of the day or night.

Services and Procedures

Meals are served in shifts with the following schedules:

1st shift
2nd shift
7:00 am
7:30 am
11:30 am
12:00 (Noon)
5:00 pm
5:30 pm

  • Residents are assigned to a shift for meals
  • Snacks are served at 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm.
  • We do ask that you do not keep food, coffee or tea in your room. You may keep your instant coffee/tea in the Social Service office. Coffee time is 1:45 pm. - 2:30 pm.


Medications are given by the nurse at times determined by the physician.

Medication Pass Time

6:00 am - 9:00 am
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
11:00 pm - 1:00 pm
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


  • All clothing and personal possessions should be labeled prior to admission. Labeling will also be done at the facility upon admission. A personal inventory list will be written upon admission and be updated on a regular basis.
  • Laundry is washed daily


  • Housekeeping services for general cleaning are provided daily. To promote independence, all capable residents are encouraged to make their beds and care for their own belongings. Nursing Assistants will be available to assist.
  • Daily cleaning of resident rooms includes washing/mopping floors, dusting and cleaning of bathrooms.


  • We have scheduled shopping trips to purchase personal items. You may go shopping with the Social Services staff, or have articles purchased for you.
  • Your family may prefer to shop for you.
  • There is a senior connector that will take you to places around the Highland Park area

Use of Public Phones

Our home has two public telephones for your use at any time. They are located on 1st floor East and on 2nd floor West. The numbers are:

Public Phone Numbers

1st floor
(847) 432-9872
2nd floor
(847) 433-1070

Please have all your phone calls directed to these numbers. Please have family/friends be considerate and call before 11:00 pm.


Outgoing mail can be left in the Front Nursing office on the 1st floor. Incoming mail is delivered to you personally by 3:00 pm daily through the Activities Department.

Leisure, Entertainment and Internet

Our library is well equipped with a wide range of books for your reading pleasure. Newspaper and current issues of your favorite magazines are also available to sign out in the Activity office. We do ask that you return them when you are finished so that others will have a chance to enjoy them. Our magazine subscriptions include: (may occassionally change)

  • Newsweek
  • Time
  • Sports Illustrated
  • People
  • Self
  • Reader's Digest
  • Redbook
  • Outdoor Life
  • Women's Day
  • Ladies Home Journal
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Health
  • Real Simple

There is a resident center available to you in the Activities Office where you can check our fun board games, card games, puzzles, and outdoor games to enjoy. We also have several TV lounges for you to watch your favorite programs. You may also bring your own TV from home or purchase one for your room.

Residents have personal computers, cell phones, laptops and other electronics

Free access to the Internet over Wifi, on every floor

A piano located in the dining room area is available for you to use at any time, except when meals are being served. A piano is also available for resident use on the 2nd floor West Lounge.

A complete list of scheduled activities and programs is posted on the activity board located across from 1st and 2nd floor East Lounges. In addition, the Abbott House calendar will be posted in your room each month.

Seasonal activities such as gardening, outings, and special field trips are also available. A special sign up sheet for all outings is available in the Activity Office. There is sometimes a minimal fee for outings.

We have birds, turtles, bunnies, guinea pigs and an aquarium for pet lovers.


Theraputic groups/programs are provided for Abbott House residents.

Feelings Programs: These programs are a thirty-minute support group that meets one time a week. The support groups provide the residents with the opportunity to work towards their goals described in their Care Plan. The residents are able to voice their emotional difficulties through group discussions and projects. The areas covered deal with mood and associated issues such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Self Esteem
  • Coping Mechanisms
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Identifying with Feelings
  • Social Interaction

Sensory Motor Program

A group designed to work on motor skills and sense perception. The members of this group are residents with cognitive deficits. The residents work on improving their cognitive problems through tasks designed around the following area:

  • Depth Perception
  • Problem Solving and Decision making through puzzles
  • Word-Picture Association
  • Range of Motion

The Optimist Program

A support group for residents who have obsticles with issues of motivation and low self-esteem. The weekly group provides assistance and encourages residents to become more active in life of the facility, as well as, helping residents to maintain a positive mood state. The main issues addressed include:

  • Depression
  • Self-Motivation
  • Self-Esteem
  • Stress Management
  • Coping Mechanism

The Behavior Management Program

A support group that focuses on residents with potentially inappropriate behavior. Areas addressed in this group range from anger issues to social interaction. The main topics confronted in this program include:

  • Anger
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Conflictive Situations
  • Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Social Skills
  • Good Manners
  • Time Management
  • Motivation
  • Cigarette/Money Management

The Work Skills Program

A weekly support group for residents who are either employed in the community or spend a majority of their time in Day Treatment Programs. The subjects focused on this program deal with appropriate work ethics and behavior as well as the emotional problems associated with being in the work force. This program serves as a support system and provides a means for residents to keep in contact with staff in the facility.

Abbott House Smokers Club - This monthly support group is designed to assist smokers in thinking about quitting smoking and to enhance the length and quality of life. Group topics include:

  • Understanding the dangers of smoking
  • Why it is hard to quit smoking
  • Cancer and other health problems smoking can cause
  • Making the decision to quit smoking
  • Methods of quitting/possible side effects
  • Smoking deterrents available in the market (such as patches, gum, nasal spray) and the costs

Community Job Placement - assistance is provided to explore resident potential related to job placement in the community. Some places residents have worked in the past are: Jewel, Library, GAP, Banana Republic

Friendship Group - focuses on helping residents work on psychosocial issues of mood and behavior. Group topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Social appropriate behavior
  • Developing healthy self-esteem and self confidence
  • Dealing with depression and anxiety including other feelings
  • Relationship development and management techniques
  • Relaxation techniques

Group emphasize problem indentification methods and behavior modification techniques, which the residents can implement in their daily lives, as well as, implement social skills while in group.

Independent Living Skills - this group emphasizes practical skills and behavior needed for independent living in and out of a facility setting. Topics of discussion include:

  • Taking Personal Responsibilities for Decisions and their Consequences
  • Nutrition and Fitness
  • Grooming and Personal Hygiene
  • Table Manners
  • Managing personal concerns, including education regrarding the side effects of drugs
  • Telephone Skills and Etiquette
  • Money and Time Management
  • Decision-Making and Problem Solving Skills
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Utilizing Community Resources and Services
  • Caring for Self with regard to extreme weather conditions

Residents are encouraged to develop and improve these skills in order to perform at the highest functioning level they desire. They are held accountable for group attendance and participation.

Successful Employment Techniques - focuses on teaching work skills the resident needs in order to acquire and maintain a job in the community. Group discussions center around a variety of topics such as:

  • Locating and Pursuing Job Opportunities
  • Filling Out an Employment Application
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Responsibility, the importance of being prompt, dependable, flexible, and confident on the job
  • Office Skills (including filing, writing, and computer skills)
  • Strengthening Cognitive Skills
  • Telephone Skills

Grooming Groups - Men and Women's Grooming Group provide an atmosphere in which proper personal hygiene and grooming is encouraged, practiced, and praised. It also serves as an arena for socialization and gender identity. Areas addressed include:

  • Bathing
  • Nail Care
  • Shaving
  • Make-up
  • Socialization

Behavior Modification Program - A program designed to structure, support, and maintain consistency in resident's daily programming.

  • The program reinforces appropriate behavior in the facility.
  • Residents remain in the program for a period of six (6) months or until all criteria to pass the program has been met and the resident can show a change of behavior so that:

  1. Resident can function independently without the need for close supervision and structure
  2. Resident adheres to facility rules and regulations; cooperates with staff and involves self in facility life, (i.e. going to groups and activities, follows through with ADLs, not staying in bed, etc.).
  3. Residents are respectful of the rights of other residents.

Money Management Group - a support group for residents who have challenges with money management. The weekly group provides assistance and encourages residents to learn coping skills, personal responsibilities, and to see the relationship between lifestyle and money management. The main areas addressed in the group include:

  • Improving budgeting skills
  • Learning the value of saving money/saving tips
  • Setting realistic budget/goals
  • Learning to prioritize immediate needs
  • Shopping list preparation
  • Problems solving techniques
  • Taking personal responsibility for borrowing money
  • Socially appropriate behavior when shopping

This group also provides a foundation of workable strategies that the resident can easily learn and apply while having fun and experience a level of personal success.

Resident Volunteer Programs - a program designed to productively increase residents' involvement in life at Abbott House. The program provides residents therapeutic work assignments if he/she chooses to participate in the program. Reward system is used to compensate for services rendered to increase resident motivation. Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Sorting and filing
  • Wrapping silverware
  • Updating daily menus
  • Securing videos and audio tapes from the library
  • Caring for turtle and birds
  • Watering grass and garden
  • Lawn Maintenance

Resident and Family Council

  • Resident Council is conducted in the facility the last Monday of each month with council officers elected by their peer group. Activity staff are present during the meeting. All other staff must be invited by the council in order to attend. Minutes are recorded and filed and displayed on the 1st and 2nd floor bulletin boards. Resident Council Meeting is one of the best opportunities to meet new people, learn about upcoming programs, community events, and to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Family Council Meetings are held on a quarterly basis within the facility. Invitations are mailed to family members approximately 2 weeks prior to the meeting.

Smoking Privileges

  • For our own safety, smoking inside the facility is permitted every even hour in the smoking room only. Smoking hours are as follows: 6:00, 8:00, 10:00 am, 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00, 10:00 pm
  • 1st Floor residents smoke 1st half hour
  • 2nd Floor residents smoke 2nd half hour
  • Smoking is PROHIBITED in all other areas of Abbott House. Please adhere to this policy for your safety and the safety of other residents.


  • We require all residents to be fully dressed. Shoes must be worn during daytime hours. All residents are to wear pajamas as sleeping attire in bed at night.
  • All men are asked to shave daily. Assistance is available if needed.
  • Baths and showers are scheduled weekly to provide adequete time for all residents. If necessary, we will ask you to shower/bathe more frequently. Assistance is always available.
  • All residents are required to deposit their soiled clothes via chute to the laundry room. Clothes will be returned on a timely basis.
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