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Feelings Programs
These programs are a thirty-minute support group that meets one time a week. The support groups provide the residents with the opportunity to work towards their goals described in their Care Plan. The residents are able to voice their emotional difficulties through group discussions and projects.
Welcome To Abbott House

bbott House is a Specialized Mental Health Rehabilitation Facility (SMHRF) located in the heart of downtown Highland Park. We offer a homelike environment serving a population of individuals with chronic mental illness. Our Medical Director is a psychiatrist who is committed to providing excellent care to attain and maintain the residents' highest sense of health and well-being.

Facility Highlights:
  • Activities 7 days a week for all levels and ages
  • Location - Downtown Highland Park, an affluent area with all services nearby
  • 24 Hour nursing staff
  • Behavior Modification Program
  • Specialized Services Program
  • Psychosocial Program
  • Individual Care Plan using Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Focus on Individual, Personalized care of residents
  • Medical Director is a Psychiatrist
  • Educational Programs available
I want to share some exciting news about the Medical Director at Abbott House

I want to share some exciting news about the Medical Director at Abbott House.

We have been so blessed to have Steve Best, MD join our Abbott House team. Dr. Best is a Neuropsychiatrist and is an expert at treating what he calls “treatment-resistant neuropsychiatric illnesses. With those words, Dr. Best is referring to mental illness and health conditions that have not been successfully treated by other physicians or professionals.

He has spent his career researching, practicing and treating challenging patients with proven success.

Most doctors focus on a patient’s complaint, as opposed to the “bigger picture” of the contributing factors. The philosophy at the Neuroscience Center views complex illness as multi-faceted and so they take a multi-pronged approach to evaluation in order to provide a successful personalized treatment plan.

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